June 8, 2007, TH Meeting
 Campus Vehicular Testbed
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 August 4, 2005, PI Meeting

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  MinuteMan Project
... About CAINS

The Center for Autonomous Intelligent Networks and Systems (CAINS) was established in 2001, with six laboratories in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments of UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The Center's mission is to serve as a forum for intelligent agent researchers and visionaries from academia, industry, and government, with an interdisciplinary focus on such fields as engineering, medicine, biology and the social sciences. Information and technology will be exchanged through symposia, seminars, short courses, and through collaboration in joint research projects sponsored by the government and industry.

Several research projects (both Governemnt and Industry funded) are currently hosted by the Center, including the ONR supported MINUTEMAN project aimed at technologies enabling unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) to communicate and operate in an intelligent, coordinated fashion without direct human interaction. Current laboratory research includes work in the following areas:

Video network transport
Vision-based localization
Ad hoc multi-hop networking
Vehicular networks
Dynamic unmanned backbone
Mobile sensor platforms
Systolic OFDM radios
MIMO transceivers

UCLA Director: Mario Gerla

   •Scientific Board:
     - Rajive Bagrodia,
     - Babak Daneshrad,
     - Leonard Kleinrock,
     - Izhak Rubin,
     - Mani Srivastava,
     - John Villasenor,
     - Clifford Anderson (ONR)

     Center of Automated Control for Large Complex Systems, Bologna, Italy

   •Industrial Members:
     - BOEING Phantom Works
     - Northrop Grumman
     - Raytheon
     - Boella Research Lab, Torino, Italy
     - University of Bologna, Italy
     - Selex (Finmeccanica), Italy


  › Biology-inspired systems (Cambridge, UK)
  › Network Coding and Multicast (MIT, IBM)
  › Mobile sensor platforms (Istituto Boella, Torino)
  › Autonomous agent-based systems (University of Trento, Italy)
  › Homeland Defense Systems (Finmeccanica Group, Italy)
  › MIMO and MAC research (Boeing - Phantom Group)

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